Dornheim Segmenter
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Image video of Dornheim Segmenter

Segmentation of a vertebral body from CT-data for 3D printing

Liver Tumor Analysis, Part 1 Segmentation and Measurement

Liver Tumor Analysis, Part 2 Surgery Planning and Analysis

Impressions of Babyview 3D

Tracheal Stenosis Analysis

presentation of a abdomen in 3D


Lower Jaw Segmentation

Vertebrae Angle Measurement

Volume illustration of the colored structures


Lymph Node Length Measurement

Segmentation and Reconstruction of a Bog Body

Segmentation of an Abdomen

Segmentation of Upper Body Skeleton, Intervertebral Discs, Vessels, and Kidneys

3D Visualization of an Ultrasound Dataset

Segmentation of the Petrous Bone for Rapid Prototyping

Hybrid Volume Rendering using 3D Model and Bounded 3D Area

Volume Rendering of Bones and Parts of the Soft Tissue

Exploration of a Pathological Liver