DICOM Viewer Premium

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For Commercial Use

You need the Dornheim DICOM Viewer Premium in a professional environment (practice, commercial or similar)?

With the DICOM Viewer Premium you can e.g. as a doctor offer your patients added value and present them the medical data available in DICOM format. You can open all datasets in DICOM format, such as data from CT, MRI and even 3D ultrasound.

The premium version of the DICOM Viewer offers you more possibilities to make your medical 3D images look great. Now you can create and export images and videos from your data. In addition to interactive measurements of lengths, angles and surfaces in 2D and 3D, you can place and use free planes and hide parts of your dataset to make internal structures visible independently of the windowing. In addition, with just a few mouse clicks you can reach the organs, bones or blood vessels you want to see.

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The Dornheim DICOM Viewer Premium (commercial use) enables you to:

  • display scans from the interior of the body in 2D and 3D. Even real 3D experience is possible with red-green glasses or a 3D screen.
  • view fascinating 3D images that you can rotate, zoom in, and explore. This means you choose what you want to see.
  • zoom to the organs, bones or blood vessels of your interest with just a few mouse clicks.
  • hide disturbing regions that would normally obscure your view.

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