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The free Dornheim DICOM Viewer

Have you been in a MRI, CT or ultrasound examination and the doctor gave you a CD with your medical data? Would you like to see the scans of your body, but the included program is too complicated or does not support your operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux)? Maybe you are a doctor and want to offer your patients a 3D presentation of the medical data, which you have available in the DICOM format?

Then you are at the right place here. The Dornheim DICOM Viewer not only shows the layered 2D images but stands for a 3D experience of the human body.

Even more possibilities

The Dornheim DICOM Viewer Premium

Expand your options! Premium features give you more settings, additional surveying tools, and more.

With Dornheim DICOM Viewer you can:

  • display scans from the interior of the body in 2D and 3D.
  • view fascinating 3D images that you can rotate, zoom in, and explore. This means you choose what you want to see.
  • hide disturbing regions that would normally obscure your view.

With the Dornheim DICOM Viewer Premium you can do even more:

  • with the premium version you can even experience real 3D, if you have e.g. red-green glasses or a 3D screen.
  • zoom to the organs, bones or blood vessels of your interest with just a few mouse clicks.
  • measure the length, angle or area of internal structures

Understand DICOM and more – in 3D

With Dornheim DICOM Viewer, you can open all the data records that are available in the DICOM format. This file format is usually used for patient CDs and includes MRI and CT images and even 3D ultrasound data.


Get a better understanding about the body. Use the DICOM Viewer to show your medical recordings to other people, e.g. to obtain a second opinion from another specialist.

Reliably and quickly,
for Windows, Linux and Mac

For PCs, MacBooks and laptops

Very fast installation,
in less than 2 minutes

Displays medical image data
from MRI, CT, X-ray or ultrasound


Would you like to use Dornheim DICOM Viewer in a professional environment?

Just viewing is not enough? For even more intensive use in the field of medicine, e.g. for preparing images or video animations for presentations, for creating 3D models, or extensive analyses of 3D data, managing patient data, PACS connectivity, etc., we offer different products directly tailored to your needs. Have a look at Segmenter Viewer, Segmenter Modeler and Segmenter Analyzer for further information.


Comparison of the Segmenter products

Do you have any medical data you would like to view?

Then Dornheim DICOM Viewer is the right choice for you. It allows you to see the normal 2D layer images, e.g. of MRI, CT and ultrasound images. The special feature is that you can also view the human body from many different perspectives in 3D.


Dornheim Dicom Viewer
for Windows, Mac und Linux
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Dornheim DICOM Viewer Premium

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The premium version offers you more possibilities to make your medical 3D images look good. Now you can create and export images and videos from your data. Besides the interactive measurement of lengths, angles and surfaces in 2D and 3D, you can place and use free planes as well as hide parts of your dataset in order to make inner structures visible independently of the windowing.


Dornheim DICOM Viewer Premium
for Windows, Mac und Linux
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