The Dornheim DICOM Viewer® Premium

View from all sides

The free Dornheim DICOM Viewer

Have you been in a MRI, CT or ultrasound examination and the doctor gave you a CD with your medical data? Would you like to see the scans of your body, but the included program is too complicated or does not support your operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux)? Maybe you are a doctor and want to offer your patients a 3D presentation of the medical data, which you have available in the DICOM format?

Then you are at the right place here. The Dornheim DICOM Viewer not only shows the layered 2D images but stands for a 3D experience of the human body.

Even more possibilities

The Dornheim DICOM Viewer Premium

Expand your options! Premium features give you more settings, additional surveying tools, and more.